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Wiggins Shredding is your local document shredding company in Lancaster County, PA. Give us a call and talk to one of our shred team members to make an appointment for your shredding job. We will be happy to explore your requirements and explain the best option for you from our range of services. Afterwards, we will provide you with an instant quote and book your appointment immediately.

We Shred At Your Location in Lancaster County

You can expect a Wiggins uniformed staff member to arrive at your home or office with photo identification. We access your documents to shred and securely move them to our shred truck. This means we empty loose documents into a wheeled, security bin. Afterwards we bring the locked bin to the paper shredding truck parked outside your home or office.

Why Shred Onsite?

Mobile document destruction happens when we bring our shredding truck to your location in Lancaster County, PA. We collect, consolidate and then shred your documents immediately before leaving your location.

Three reasons to use an onsite shredding service:

Immediate Destruction: With on-site shredding, we destroy your secure documents within minutes of collection.

Visible Proof: If you choose, you can come to the truck and watch as your documents are lifted into the chute, dumped into the shredding machine and destroyed.

Single Handling: With on-site shredding, your documents are taken immediately from your home or office and shredded before the shredding truck ever leaves your location. The process is simple, reducing the chance for mistakes.

Your Information Is Irrecoverable

The significant benefit of hiring Wiggins as an onsite shredding service company is that we shred documents beyond recovery. Our mobile shredder system features advanced cross-cut shred machinery that rips and tears paper into tiny pieces rather than strips. Secondly, these pieces are automatically mixed with other shredded paper on the truck, making it logistically impossible to reassemble. Lastly, we recycle the contents after filling the truck. This process supports legal compliance with your required privacy laws.

Why Choose Wiggins Shredding for Document Shredding?

Wiggins has been operating in Lancaster County, PA and the local area for over 50 years. Through our various businesses, including the auto tags and payroll services, we deal with sensitive information on a daily basis and know the importance of keeping customer information safe.

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