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Wiggins Shredding offers secure paper shredding and document destruction services to clients in Bryn Mawr, PA. This includes a wide variety of document destruction services for residential and business clients. Depending on the scope of your needs, we can often schedule service right away. We operate Monday through Friday for your convenience. Our onsite, mobile shredding service is cost effective, and is provided by a local small business with deep community roots.

We Shred At Your Location

You can expect a Wiggins uniformed staff member to arrive at your home or office with photo identification. We will collect the documents to be shredded and securely move them to our shred truck. Typically this means we empty loose documents into a wheeled, security bin that is then locked and taken to the paper shredding truck parked outside your home or office.

Business & Residential Shredding

Wiggins Shredding provides residential and commercial document destruction services to clients in Bryn Mawr using our fleet of mobile shredding trucks. These document destruction services are available Monday through Friday. To schedule your shredding job, give us a call or fill in the form on this page. We’ll respond with a quote and book your service at a convenient time and date for you. Call us today and you could have your shredding done by tomorrow.

Environmentally Friendly Shredding

Many of Wiggins clients ask us what happens to the paper after it has been shredded. All paper we shred is delivered into the paper recycling stream that processes the shredded paper back into paper pulp. Recycled paper is often used to make new paper products like newsprint, toilet paper, paper towels and cardboard. Every ton of paper that is shredded and recycled saves over a dozen trees.

Why Choose Wiggins Shredding for Document Shredding?

Wiggins has been operating in Bryn Mawr and the local area for over 50 years. Through our various businesses, including the auto tags and payroll services, we are accustomed to dealing with sensitive information on a daily basis and know the importance of keeping customer information safe. Wiggins is your local leader among paper shredding companies. If you’re in Bryn Mawr and looking for “shredding near me” or “shredding events near me” you’ve come to the right place. We provide:

Ready To Book Your Appointment?

Wiggins Shredding will take your call, answer your questions and help you choose the right document destruction service for your situation. We will also provide you with an immediate quote that includes no hidden fees or extra charges.

We’ll work with you to determine a shredding appointment that fits your schedule. Call us today or fill in the form on this page to get started.


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