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The Premier Commercial Paper Shredding Service Company serving the West Chester, Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE area

Wiggins Shredding at Wells Fargo center in Philadelphia

Wiggins Shredding is your preferred local source for paper and document shredding for your business, school, organization or medical facility. As the local leader in both commercial paper shredding and residential shredding services, we provide shredding services throughout these counties and beyond:

  • Gloucester County, PA
  • Delaware County, PA
  • Bucks County, PA
  • Berks County, PA
  • Philadelphia County, PA
  • Burlington County, NJ
  • Chester County, PA
  • Montgomery County, PA

Continue reading to learn more about our commercial paper shredding services options.

Routine Commercial Paper Shredding

We perform routine paper shredding and document shredding on a regularly scheduled basis. Routine service can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or every eight weeks.

Based on your unique requirements, we place one or more secure collection containers throughout your location. We do not charge to drop off these collection containers or any fees for the use of the containers.

Our collection containers come in two formats.

  • A security console is an attractive-looking, furniture-like container best used in more public or visible areas. These are smaller and often holds up to 100 pounds of discarded paper.
  • A large, wheeled security bin. These secure, industrial-looking bins are best used in high volume locations like copy or file rooms, industrial areas or private spaces. They hold 200 pounds or more of paper.

After everything has been properly destroyed on-site, we will give you a Certificate of Destruction as proof for your own records. Click here to see a sample of a Certificate of Destruction.

Purge Shredding Services

Our purge service is used for cleaning out large amounts of material all at one time. These shred jobs are performed upon request rather than on a regular schedule. All unwanted papers and sensitive documents are placed into bins that are used for feeding the paper shredder on our mobile shred truck.

The material is destroyed using a pierce and tear method, in which the pieces are shredded, then mixed in with thousands of pounds of other shredded materials. Once everything has been destroyed, we will issue a Certificate of Destruction for compliance and audit purposes.

Phase Shredding

To make your major clean-out a little easier, we offer temporary collection containers at your location, allowing you to clean out your material at your own convenience. These are more often our larger, wheeled security bins. After we drop off the collection bins, we will come to empty them weekly or bi-weekly until your clean-out project is complete.

We drop will a minimum of two collection bins at one time. However, we can always leave you as many bins as you need.

Our phase shredding service is used to clean out large amounts of material. All sensitive documents are placed into bins that are used to feed the paper shredder. The material is thoroughly destroyed through a “pierce and tear” method, after which all of the pieces are mixed together with thousands of pounds of other shredded paper. As with routine shredding, we issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records after the shredding is complete.

Security Bin

How Shredding With Wiggins Works

1) Once you request our commercial paper shredding services, our secure, mobile, on-site shredding truck will come right to your place of business, medical facility, or school.

2) One of Wiggins’s certified representatives will arrive and take your sensitive documents to the mobile shredding truck, which is attached with a paper shredder, where we then destroy them right on your property. You will have the opportunity to witness the documents being shredded.

3) We issue a Certificate of Destruction once everything is complete. The shredded material is mixed together with thousands of pounds of paper, after which take it to our recycler. You have your choice of the two secure containers pictured to collect your unwanted materials for destruction.

Why Shred With Wiggins?

  • 100% of Shredding Material is Recycled
  • Security & Compliance for your Corporate Information
  • Certificates of Destruction to support compliance requirements
  • An independent, locally-owned company with deep area roots

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If you’re interested in arranging routine commercial paper shredding for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today!

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We approached Wiggins shredding with an extremely large job with logistical challenges. From customer service to the men coordinating the shredding this was a great experience. Everything was on time, came in as quoted and could not have been more efficient. We are pleased that we chose Wiggins to do this job.
joseph vogt
joseph vogt
15:24 20 Aug 19
I was in a bind closing a local office with a ton of documents to shred. They put me on the schedule last minute sent a fantastic driver to help. Customer service was amazing. Even followed up to make sure it went well. Top notch service for a fair price. Can't beat that.
Allan Nelson
Allan Nelson
15:27 18 Jul 19
Wow!!! Such a wonderful experience!! The service was so good!!!! After more than 30 years of files we called Wiggins wonderful customer service rep. In 15 minutes we had set up an appointment to come at 7:30 am the following Monday. I was impress! The guys who came were very professional, kind and fast! They were punctual, got the work done right away and in front of us! Amazing! Thank you again for this invaluable service!
Nelly Jimenez
Nelly Jimenez
02:38 09 Jul 19
After discovery of personal records of three generations in mother's "office", decided to shred a few 35 gallon barrels. Wiggins were one of the few who would come to an apartment complex. They were on time, courteous, and the shredding was done in no time. Filling paperwork took more time than the shredding. Also Christine is wonderful to deal with and answered any and all my questions. I would highly recommend their services.
James LeVan
James LeVan
19:46 04 Jul 19
I can't say enough about Wiggins Shredding. Their customer service was wonderful. We called on a Wednesday and they came out on a Friday morning. The staff on site was courteous and efficient, making the process smooth and fast! Wiggins pricing is also very competitive. Skip the big name shredders and give your business to Wiggins.
Nancy C Smith
Nancy C Smith
20:28 24 Jun 19
My office used Wiggins for shredding hard drives. Their quote was very competitive. They got us on their schedule for pickup only a day or two out. The driver arrived on time and was very pleasant to work with. Great experience overall! Thanks Wiggins for taking care of our shredding needs!
Jamie Kelly
Jamie Kelly
14:50 04 Jun 19
We had a great experience with Wiggins Shredding! We used them as a vendor for an event. It was simple to set up the event with them, their prices were very reasonable and their customer service was top notch. Every team member I came into contact with was professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. You can't go wrong with Wiggins.
Charles Vaihinger
Charles Vaihinger
15:02 13 May 19
First class operation. Friendly and uniformed employees show up on time, every-time. Clean trucks and respectful drivers. Thank you!
Mark Lowery
Mark Lowery
21:38 13 Mar 19
Great company to do business with. They are on time, efficient and work with your schedule. They come to your place of business or home and shred everything right there for you to see. No worries of what happens to your papers once they leave the premises and their charges are very reasonable.
Cheryl Flail
Cheryl Flail
19:50 02 Jan 19
This was the first time our firm used a professional shredding company. We have been in business since 1983 and I had no idea it would be that smooth of a process. The two men that did the work represented Wiggins very well. Both men were professional. I will recommend this firm in the future to anyone needing this service.
Bruce Garcia
Bruce Garcia
14:35 04 Dec 18
Great service! I never knew it was so easy to get things shredded and how reasonably priced it is until I used Wiggins! They are a great company. The guy that came out was very professional and nice. We will definitely use them again!
K4 Philadelphia
K4 Philadelphia
16:51 15 Nov 18