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Purge Services

Our purge service is used by both businesses and residents to clean out large amounts of material.
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Routine Shredding

Routine service is performed on a regularly scheduled basis; using security consoles and/or bins placed at your location. Learn More >

Phase Shredding

Our purge service is used by both businesses and residents to clean out large amounts of material.
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Shred Events

To raise awareness about identity theft and promote prevention, we co-sponsor shred events.
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Tear Fests

Come visit one of our popular tear fests and witness your documents being destroyed.
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How It Works

1) Our secure on-site mobile shredding truck will come right to your place of business.

2) One of our certified representatives will arrive and take your sensitive documents to the truck, where they are destroyed right on your property. You have the opportunity to witness the documents being shredded.

3) A Certificate of Destruction is issued once everything is complete. The shredded material is mixed in with up to 10,000 other pounds of paper and taken to our recycler.

You have your choice of the following secure containers, which you will keep on-site to discard the paper you want shredded. A bin holds about 7 file size boxes (9″ x 12″ x 18″), or about 4 legal boxes (11″ x 13″ x 24″); a console holds 4 file size boxes (9” x 12” x 18”) or 1.5-2 legal size boxes (11” x 13” x 24”) depending on how they are packed.

Euro Shred Cart (65 Gallon) featuring the LOCKJAW internal locking system (left), and the 36″ Slim Boy Executive Console.

The Shredding Process

The shredding is preformed in our customized mobile shredding truck at your location. The process involves taking the sensitive documents and putting them into our bins. Then the truck lifts them up and dumps them into the shredder to be destroyed.

You are able to watch the actual shredding process via video camera that is attached to the truck. The documents will be shredded by a pierce and tear method. All material will come out of the shredder in pieces no larger than a fingernail. This is the most secure method. Once everything has been destroyed, you will be issued a certificate of destruction for your records. Everything will then be properly recycled. The length of the entire process varies depending on how much material you have.