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Your Commercial Shredding Questions Answered

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A woman standing thinking with question marks above her head.Most businesses are aware of security threats, but few have a thorough privacy protection strategy. A commercial shredding service can help protect your employees and customers from identity theft. In this blog, we answer your commercial shredding questions.

Q: Why would I need a commercial shredding service?

A: A commercial shredding service helps save time and money, enhances privacy protection, and ensures compliance. Your shredding provider brings security containers to your office, allowing documents and whole files to be quickly dropped through the slot. A certified, security-screened shredding technician collects the documents and brings them to a mobile on-site shredding truck where they are destroyed while you watch.

Q: How often can I have my documents destroyed?

A: Your shredding provider can set up a routine shredding schedule based on your unique document disposal requirements. Whether weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month, your documents are promptly and securely destroyed.

Q: What is purge shredding?

A: A purge shredding service is used for cleaning out large amounts of material all at one time. These shredding projects jobs are performed upon request rather than on a regular schedule. All unwanted papers and sensitive documents are placed into bins that are emptied into a mobile shredding truck.

Q: Do I need to remove paperclips and staples from my files before they are shredded?

A: No. A mobile shredding truck features advanced shredding technology that destroys non-paper items like these.

Q: How are my documents shredded?

A: Your documents are destroyed through a “pierce and tear” method. Rotating blades on the mobile shredding truck rip your files apart into small, unreadable pieces. Afterwards, the pieces are mixed with thousands of pounds of other shredded paper. “Pierce and tear” shredding is the most secure method of document destruction.

Q: Is there a verification process?

A: Yes. A qualified and trusted shredding provider issues a Certificate of Destruction after destroying your documents. This document notes the time and date of destruction and volume of information destroyed.

Q: What happens to my shredded waste?

A: A shredding provider with sustainable shredding practices bales your shredded waste for transfer to a qualified recycling company.

Wiggins Shredding serves Pennsylvania and the Tri-State Area of Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey with secure shredding and destruction services. We are your trusted, locally-owned paper shredding resource!

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