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Test Your Business Document Shredding Knowledge

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A young man in a purple shirt appears to be pondering while holding his finger to his mouth. On the blue background, black doodle-style arrows are pointing in all directions.As of 2014, how many Trivial Pursuit Games have been sold worldwide? That would make a great trivia question for the game itself, whose concept is quite simple: Correctly answer a factual trivia question and score one point.

It’s time to play a new version called Business Document Shredding Trivial Pursuit! It’s also simple: Attempt to answer each of the following facts about business document shredding. Get it right, score a point. Get it wrong, you’ve learned something valuable!

Q: What form of information has the largest majority of identity theft and fraud tied to it?

a. Digital
b. Hard copy
c. Social media
d. Word of mouth

b. Hard copy information. This includes paper taken from your recycling bin, receipts, postal mail, checks, passports, financial statements, personnel records, and so much more. Recent statistics indicate that paper records make up for one in five data breaches. How much of your business information is slipping through the cracks and leaving you vulnerable to information and identity theft?

Q: What kind of in-office paper shredder is the best for protecting your business documents?

a. Cross-cut shredder
b. Particle-cut shredder
c. Chipper shredder
d. None of the above

d. None of the above. Unfortunately, most in-office shredders will not completely shred your documents into irrecoverable pieces, and process of in-house shredding does not provide a secure chain of custody, proof of destruction, or recycling as most waste management companies cannot take shredded paper in the curbside recycling stream. Consider letting a professional shredding company with industrial shredding equipment, secure processes, and a recycling partner handle it for you.

Q: What is the best paper shredding method? Strip-cut, pierce-and-tear, cross-cut or particle-cut.

a. Strip-cut
b. Pierce-and-tear
c. Cross-cut
d. Particle-cut

b. Pierce and tear shredders are the most secure method of document destruction and, because of their cost, are typically only found in mobile shredding trucks and industrial shredding facilities.

Q: How long should you keep your business documents before they are shredded?

a. Three years
b. Five years
c. Seven years
d. 10 years

c. Operational records, including financial statements, checks, and receipts typically have a seven-year retention period, but be sure to always follow state and federal retention period rules.

Q: What acts as the final proof that your business documents have been securely and properly shredded?

a. Certificate of Compliance
b. Destruction Verification Document
c. Shredding Certificate
d. Certificate of Destruction

d. A Certificate of Destruction. This valuable document cannot be issued in-house, so it is not available if you destroy your own documents. However, a professional shredding company can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction when shredding is complete.

Q: Which is more affordable in the long run? Shredding your own documents or outsourcing your shredding?

a. Shredding your own documents
b. Outsourcing your shredding
c. Options a and b are equally affordable
d. It depends on the size of your business

b. Outsourcing your shredding is incredibly cost-effective. Consider employee wages and benefits, depreciation and maintenance of shredding equipment, and the high risk of documents being tossed in the recycling to avoid the slow, paper-jam-prone shredder and the resulting risk of a data breach. In the long run, choosing to outsource your shredding is your best and most cost-effective choice.

Q: What shredding company in Delaware and the Tri-State area meets all of these shredding standards?

a. Paper Shredding Solutions
b. Acme Shredding Services
c. Document Destruction “R” Us
d. Wiggins Shredding

d. Wiggins Shredding shreds your documents onsite without ever handling your business documents. Our state-of-the-are shredding trucks use the pierce-and-tear method to make your business documents are impossible to reconstruct, in compliance with state and federal data privacy laws. If you have questions or would like to schedule shredding service, call us at 610-692-TEAR (8327) or complete the form on this page. Our shredding experts are here to help!


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