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Reasons to Choose Mobile On-Site Shredding

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Tablet computer with check box on the screenAre you wondering whether to outsource your shredding? Looking for help in making your decision? In this blog, we offer several reasons to choose mobile on-site shredding.

1. Productivity

Your employees may spend dozens of hours a year shredding documents with an office shredder. Files must be separated into small portions. To avoid jamming the shredder, you must remove staples and paperclips from documents. Then the shredding receptacle must be emptied.

Mobile on-site shredding eliminates time intensive in-house shredding tasks. A security-screened shredding representative takes your sensitive documents to a mobile shredding truck and shreds your documents on the spot in a matter of minutes. As a result, your employees can focus on other important tasks.

2. Data Breach Prevention

A business data breach can lead to a cascade of repercussions for your company, including:

  • Loss of customers
  • Brand damage
  • Increased legal liability

Mobile on-site shredding ensures that your confidential data is disposed of within a secure chain of custody. Your shredding provider brings security containers to your office, allowing documents and whole files to be quickly dropped through the slot without the need to remove staples, paperclips or even folders. A security-screened shredding representative collects the documents and deposits them into a shredder.

3. Compliance

State and federal government created following laws to protect consumers from identity theft:

  • EEA
  • GLB
  • SOX
  • Pennsylvania Law 713

Businesses that fail to meet the privacy requirements of these regulations can be fined. Mobile on-site shredding helps you avoid non-compliance penalties and stay compliant. After your documents are destroyed on premises, your shredding provider issues a Certificate of Destruction noting the day and time of shredding.

4. Eco Sustainability

Recycling is important, but it shouldn’t put your privacy at risk. Most paper recycling services use open collection containers, which do not preserve the confidentiality of private information. In addition, the employees of recycling service companies may not be security-screened personnel.

Mobile on-site shredding offers a 2-for-1 solution for protecting your privacy and the environment. Your employees deposit confidential documents into a locked security console or bin provided by your shredding partner. After the documents are collected and destroyed by a certified, security-screened representative, your shredded paper is mixed with shredded paper from other sources, baled, and sent to a paper mill to be pulped and recycled. 100 percent of your shredded waste is used to produce a variety of consumer products.

For more information about mobile on-site shredding, please call us at (610) 692-TEAR (8327) or complete the form on this page.

Wiggins Shredding serves Pennsylvania and the Tri-State Area of Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. We are your trusted, locally-owned mobile onsite shredding resource!

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