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Purge Shredding, Phase Shredding, and Routine Shredding: What are the Differences?

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Woman standing in hallway in front of multicolored doors.You need a more efficient and secure document destruction solution. Your slow, unreliable office paper shredder is not cutting it anymore. Puns aside, knowing what shredding service best suits your needs is not always clear. In this blog, we explain the differences between purge shredding, phase shredding, and routine shredding.

Purge Shredding

It is easy to stockpile paper records and forget them. But inevitably, you run out of space and must figure out what to do with stacks of outdated documents. A purge shredding service helps you quickly clear them out. Your shredding provider comes to your business, consolidates your documents, takes them to their mobile shredding truck, and destroys everything on site while you watch. Purge shredding offers the perfect solution for getting rid of bulk amounts of expired paper records.

Phase Shredding

If purge shredding is ideal for one-time disposal of expired paper records, then phase shredding is perfect for incremental destruction of sensitive documents, for example, during office moves or file room clean-outs. With a phase shredding service, your shredding provider drops off large, wheeled, secure collection bins at your location. After you fill the bins with your documents, your shredding provider collects and destroys them weekly or bi-weekly until your relocation or clean-out project is complete. Once the material has been properly destroyed, a certificate of destruction is issued for your records.

Routine Shredding

Routine shredding differs from purge shredding and phase shredding in that your shredding provider offers a scheduled document destruction solution. A routine shredding service eliminates having to hand-feed documents into an office shredder and frees up your staff so they can focus on their core tasks. Your documents are professionally shredded weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or every eight weeks. Your shredding provider delivers secure collection containers to your business. You drop files into the containers without having to remove staples and paperclips. With routine shredding, you don’t worry about shredding so you have time to grow your business more.

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