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How to Choose a Commercial Shredding Company

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A person in business attire is sitting at a table and reaching out to make checkmarks on a virtual checklist.Congratulations on making the wise choice to outsource your shredding needs and partner with a shredding company for your business! Engaging a reputable shredding company for your information destruction needs is not only a cost-effective solution in the long run, but also the best way to ensure compliance with data privacy laws.

As you embark on your search for a shredding company, here is our experts’ checklist of values to consider.

1. Industry Compliance Knowledge

A reputable shredding company should possess extensive knowledge of federal and state privacy regulations and shredding laws across various industries. Each industry, such as healthcare, finance, legal, and education, has unique requirements which demand specific attention and expertise.

2. On-Site Shredding Services

It is crucial to choose a company that offers on-site shredding using purpose-built industrial shredding trucks. With a properly-equipped shredding truck, your confidential information can be shredded directly on your premises without being hand-fed or touched. On-site shredding allows you to witness the shredding process, providing peace of mind before your material leaves your premises.

3. Certificate of Destruction

Ensure that the shredding company provides a Certificate of Destruction after shredding is complete. This formal document contains detailed information about the shredding process, serving as proof of your compliance with state and federal privacy laws in case of an audit or a suspected data breach. It also verifies the successful completion of the shredding process.

4. Secure Shredding Methods

Verify that the shredding company you are considering renders documents into pieces of shredded paper that are unreadable and impossible to reconstruct. Pierce-and-tear shredding is considered one of the most secure methods for document destruction because it achieves this result.

5. Recycling of Shredded Material

Choosing a shredding company that prioritizes environmental consciousness is essential. Opt for a company that recycles their shredded paper and electronic waste. This commitment helps divert waste from landfill sites and promotes the production of new recycled products.

6. Locally-Owned

Selecting a locally-owned shredding company brings benefits to both your business and the community you operate in. Supporting local businesses has multiple benefits:

  • Keeps dollars circulating in the local economy
  • Creates more local job opportunities, often with better wages and benefits compared to chain businesses
  • Enables local businesses to contribute to charities, clubs, and youth programs within the community

7. Shredding Collection Containers

Ensure that the shredding company provides secure and convenient shredding collection containers. These containers serve as a designated place for storing discarded documents until they are ready for shredding. By utilizing these containers, you can minimize the risk of documents ending up in unsecure garbage or recycling bins. It is important to confirm that the company offers these containers at no additional cost when you sign up for routine shredding service.

8. Convenient Shredding Options

Choose a shredding company that accommodates your specific needs, rather than having to meet their requirements. Consider factors such as the location of your business, whether you operate from a commercial building or home office, and whether you prefer routine shredding or a flexible shredding schedule. Some businesses may prefer a drop-off shredding option. Find a company that is willing to work with you to meet your requirements.

9. Comprehensive Shredding Services

Evaluate whether the shredding company offers destruction services for more than just paper. Do they offer hard drive and media shredding as well? It is likely that you will need to destroy both types of these items at some point, and having all your shredding needs fulfilled under one roof offers affordability and convenience.

Don’t Compromise

You should never have to compromise security for the sake of convenience. Take the necessary steps to select a shredding company that aligns with your requirements and provides the highest standard in secure shredding. By partnering with a reputable shredding company, you can ensure compliance, protect your confidential information, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Wiggins Shredding provides secure shredding services for residents and businesses in Pennsylvania and the Tri-State area of Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware. To get started, call us at 610-692-TEAR (8327) or complete the form on this page, and we will work with you to create a shredding service that meets all your needs.

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