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How Drop-Off Shredding Works

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Closeup photo of a stack of multi-colored booklets and documents.Whether you run a small business or a household full of paper documents, it’s important to protect you, your company, and your family against identity thieves from stealing your private information from your garbage or recycling bins.

Believe it or not, choosing to shred your own documents before disposing of them is likely taking up more valuable time, energy and financial resources than is necessary. Choosing to have a professional shredding company take care of it is a much more secure and affordable method in the long run, but you may be wondering if any shredding company is willing to shred a small quantity of documents in a way that’s convenient for you.

Drop-off shredding is designed specifically for people with small amounts of shredding, whether it comes from their business or home. Here we share what drop-off shredding is and how it works.

Drop-Off Shredding

You might want to have your papers shredded just after a file cleanout, or perhaps every time the piles of paperwork on your desk become too tall to see over. Or maybe you just want to incorporate shredding into your regular routine, something you can do along with your other errands of dropping off the kids, picking up the drycleaning, and grocery shopping. But what is drop-off shredding?

How Drop-Off Shredding Works

  1. You collect your discarded documents, receipts, bank statements, and other papers containing your name, address, and other personally-identifying information in a box, bin, or garbage bag until you’re ready to have it shredded.
  2. Grab the whole container and deliver it to the local designated drop-off center of a reputable shredding company. No need to remove staples, rubber bands, paperclips, or manila folders. The industrial-strength shredders of a professional shredding service can shred those easily.
  3. A shredding technician removes your papers straight from your vehicle and dumps them in a shred collection bin which is then locked and rolled back into the secure facility for shredding.
  4. The shredding technician gives you a receipt and you drive away, confident that your material is secure until it is shredded, combined with shredded paper from other drop-off shredding customers, baled, and recycled into new paper products.

Drop-off shredding done by a local, reputable shredding company is an affordable, secure way to protect your identity and finances from dumpster-diving thieves.

Wiggins Shredding offers four convenient drop-off shredding locations in West Chester, Kennett Square, and Exton, Pennsylvania. We are compliant with all data privacy laws and maintain a secure chain of custody from the time we receive your documents until they are shredded. For more information about drop-off shredding or our other shredding services, call us at 610-692-TEAR (8327) or complete the form on this page. Our friendly shredding experts are ready to answer your questions.

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