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Drop-Off Shredding is Easy and Secure

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People Dropping Off Materials to be shred at a local shred eventIf you watched Sesame Street on television when you were growing up, you might be familiar with the 1968 song, “One of These Things Is Not Like the Others.” The game of selecting the one different thing among four items was intended to engage children to be actively involved in problem solving and to observe similar and different things.

Have you ever felt that products and services were all designed with other businesses in mind, your business was the one thing that was different? The fact is, your needs might be unique and may not align with what works for other businesses.

Your Business is Unique

For your business to stay compliant with privacy laws, you must ensure your sensitive documents are properly destroyed. A professional shredding company can fill that need, but what if your business is not like some of the others? It might be unique and different. While scheduled shredding works for some companies, it might not work for you, regardless of whether it is done on-site or off-site.

Fortunately, some shredding companies provide a variety of ways to have your documents destroyed. Maybe drop-off shredding would work best for you. But how does it work? And is it secure?

Drop-Off Shredding is Easy

The great thing about drop-off shredding is that it fits your timing and schedule. You can shred when:

  • You have even the smallest quantity of documents to be destroyed. You can drop it off at the shredding depot when you choose.
  • Your business needs to do a one-time purge. When the purge is complete, you can drop it off at your leisure. There’s no pressure to complete your purge within a certain time frame.
  • You are already running errands and attending meetings. On your way to other appointments, make a quick stop to drop off your documents. If there are several locations, that makes it even more convenient for you.

Drop-Off Shredding is Secure

When you use a local, reputable shredding service, using their drop-off shredding solution doesn’t make your information less secure. It’s extremely safe because:

  • The documents are in your control until they are dropped off.
  • The technicians receiving your documents at the drop-off location follow the same secure process as they do when picking up your documents. And don’t worry about removing staples, paperclips, or other fasteners. They will be destroyed along with your paper.

Drop-Off Shredding is Recycled, Too

If you are concerned that drop-off shredding follows different recycling protocols, there’s no need to worry. All drop-off shredding follows exactly the same procedures and is fully recycled.

The choice to operate your company similarly or differently than others doesn’t matter as long as the shredding method you choose is secure and convenient.

Wiggins Shredding offers walk-in and drop-off shredding services in four convenient locations. We are your easy and secure shredding solution. Give us a call at 610-692-TEAR (8327) or complete the form on this page and we will match you with the shredding service that best fits your needs.

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