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5 Reasons to Ditch Your Office Shredder

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Portable office shredder isolated on a white background with "do not" symbol (red circle with line through it) over the shredder.Think buying an office shredder will make your life easier? Think again. In this blog, we offer reasons to ditch your office shredder.

1. Efficiency

Shredding documents with an office shredder is time consuming. Consider the steps it takes to shred a few files:

  1. Removing paperclips, staples, sticky notes, cardstock, and file folder or binder
  2. Separating the document into easily-shredded portions
  3. Feeding the paper into the shredder
  4. Emptying the shredding receptacle
  5. Cleaning up spilled bits of shredded material

A commercial shredding service helps you save time and stay productive.

2. Security

After shredding documents with an office shredder, you dump your shredded paper in an uncontrolled dumpster or recycling bin. An identity thief can steal your shredded material from your waste receptacles and reconstruct your paper records. A commercial shredding service controls your information from the moment you discard it. Security-screened shredding representatives destroy your documents following strict chain of custody procedures. They shred your documents on-site in a mobile document destruction vehicle while you watch.

3. Compliance

Failing to meet state and federal privacy regulations may cause fines and penalties. Shredding documents with an office shredder does not offer proof of compliance. When a commercial shredding provider shreds your documents, they offer a Certificate of Destruction that provides proof of due diligence.

4. Cost

When you consider maintenance expenses, electricity and employee time needed to shred documents, office shredders are costly. A commercial shredding provider offers a turnkey document destruction solution that allows your team to focus on the job you hire them to do. They place secure collection containers throughout your office, enabling confidential documents to be disposed of quickly. Depending on the volume of information your business needs to destroy, the security collection containers are collected weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or every eight weeks, and your documents are professionally destroyed on-site.

5. Peace of Mind

Wondering whether your employees are destroying documents in a secure, efficient, and cost-effective manner is stressful. As a business owner, you have enough things on your plate. Ditching your office shredder in favor of a commercial shredding service allows you to rest easy.

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