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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Shredding Provider

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Handwriting text writing Things To Consider. Concept meaning think about something carefully in order to make decision Stationary and torn cardboard placed above a wooden classic table backdrop.Corporate identity theft and business fraud rates are at an all-time high. A document shredding service can help keep your confidential data out of the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the marketplace is loaded with many sub-standard shredding companies. When choosing a shredding provider, consider the following factors.

1. Experience

Anyone can start a shredding business, and that’s why there’s a plethora of shredding companies to choose from. But not every shredding provider has years of experience handling sensitive information. Before setting up a shredding service, find out how long a prospective provider has served businesses in your city. Reputable shredding providers should be able provide you with customer references. You can also check online reviews before deciding.

2. Range of Solutions

Your business has unique information destruction requirements, so it helps to know if a shredding provider offers a customized solution that meets your needs. When assessing a shredding company, determine whether they offer routine shredding and purge shredding options. Ask if they can destroy hard drives and computer equipment. And to make sure your information stays secure, don’t forget to ask if they destroy your documents and media on-site.

A security-screened shredding representative takes your sensitive documents and computer equipment to a mobile shredding truck. They shred your documents and computer media on premises while you watch. They can also provide a Certificate of Destruction at the completion of your shredding project.

3. Prompt Service

Your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t have to wait days or weeks to have your documents destroyed. Nor should you be put on hold when calling to schedule a shredding project. Look for a shredding provider with helpful associates who pick up the phone when you call and can schedule your document destruction project quickly.

4. Recycling

With the right shredding provider, document destruction doesn’t just protect your privacy, it also helps protect the planet. After destroying your documents, a reputable shredding provider mixes your shredded material with thousands of pounds of paper from other sources. 100 percent of this material is recycled so it can be pulped and reused to produce a variety of consumer products.

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