A Quick Overview of HIPAA Rules on Document Shredding

When you work in a hospital or medical center, taking care to properly dispose of your patients’ personal information is vital to maintaining their privacy and security, not to mention avoiding data breaches. Further, medical facilities and other businesses in the healthcare industry come with their own set of guidelines when it comes document destruction. […]

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3 Reasons Why Schools Should Be Shredding Their Documents

Frequently, when we think of institutions that could benefit from shredding their old documents and forms, we think of banks, medical centers, and large corporate offices. However, there are also many schools that would do well to consider the myriad benefits of shredding and recycling their unused paper documents. This scenario doesn’t only apply to […]

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Three Types of Documents to Shred to Prevent Identity Theft

When it comes to preventing identity theft, many of us only think of the obvious sources of risk, such as thrown-away credit cards or scraps of paper with our Social Security Numbers. The truth is, however, that those seeking to steal your identity or other private information can actually glean it from all kinds of […]

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