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Three Types of Documents to Shred to Prevent Identity Theft

When it comes to preventing identity theft, many of us only think of the obvious sources of risk, such as thrown-away credit cards or scraps of paper with our Social Security Numbers. The truth is, however, that those seeking to steal your identity or other private information can actually glean it from all kinds of documents, many of which we may not suspect.

Dealing with identity theft can be quite the painful experience, making it all the more important to make sure you dispose of potentially compromising documents thoroughly and safely. Wiggins Shredding specializes in the destruction of records for both residential and commercial customers, providing clients with reliable, secure shredding services they can count on.

Not sure which documents to dispose of to protect your information? Continue below for an overview from our team here at Wiggins Shredding of what types of documents you ought to be shredding to keep your identity safe.


  1. Documents with Personal Information

Besides your date of birth and SSN, you should also protect your full name and address, driver’s license number, and home and work phone numbers.

Documents that frequently contain such information include IRS papers, letters from your state’s DMV, work-related mail, as well as travel-related documents that contain your full name and travel itinerary.


  1. Documents with Financial Information

While most people know to destroy documents containing credit card information or account and routing numbers, you should also make it a point to guard your billing information and bank statements. Billing information is routinely printed on documents such as online purchase orders, making it risky to simply toss such papers away intact.


  1. Documents with Account Information

This does not just mean bank accounts, either. The mail that you receive including utility bills, rent and mortgage payments, and other monthly payments often contain potentially compromising information such as utility accounts, passwords, and cell phone numbers.


What Now?

Wiggins Shredding specializes in handling sensitive information on a daily basis and understands how vital it is to securely dispose of such records. To learn more about the services that we here at Wiggins Shredding have to offer, contact us today by calling our team at 610-692-TEAR (8327).



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