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Shred Events

Shred Events are a great way to promote your business while offering the community to come out and shred their sensitive documents. Identity theft is becoming a huge worry in our communities. To raise awareness and promote prevention, shred events are becoming more frequent. It gives people the security of knowing their sensitive material is not falling into the wrong hands.

  • Our truck holds thousands of pounds of paper, which will be empty before each shred event.
  • Shred events are for paper shredding only.
  • All material is 100% recycled and we maintain a 0% landfill policy.
  • Individuals can watch the shredding take place on the TV monitor on the truck.
  • The shredded material that comes out of the shredder will be the size of a fingernail.
  • We will have plenty of bins on site to accommodate large crowds.
  • We can provide all logos or information you need about our company to aid in your advertising efforts.

Wiggins Shredding strives to provide the best, most secure service in the industry. Our entire team is made up of knowledgeable and friendly professionals. Our commitment to our customers guarantees satisfaction on all of our services.

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