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3 Reasons You Should Opt for Routine Shredding

Almost no matter what sort of business or operation you manage, having a source for secure, timely, and efficient document and paper shredding is a must. As your source for commercial shredding services in West Chester, PA, and the surrounding area, Wiggins Shredding can help your commercial operation dispose of your sensitive documents professionally and responsibly.

Still on the fence about hiring a third party to take care of your shredding needs? Courtesy of Wiggins Shredding, check out these benefits to taking your shredding services to the next level.

1. Take the guesswork out of data destruction

Data destruction is not as simple as relying on an in-office shredder and leaving it up to an employee. In-office shredders carry a lot of risks, as you may expose sensitive records and competitive information to eyes that are not meant to see it, or to employees unacquainted with proper destruction procedures.

A prompt, routine shredding service can dispose of your documents thoroughly, giving you the peace of mind that your data is in the right hands.

2. Let the shredders come to you — and keep your documents in sight

When you work with Wiggins Shredding, you have the option of having your documents destroyed on-site, sparing you the risk of traveling with your sensitive information by performing all of the destruction at your place of business. Further, by utilizing a mobile shredding service, you can personally witness your sensitive documents being destroyed first-hand without delegating the task down the chain of command.

3. Stay free of clutter

If your office goes through a lot of paper, establishing a shredding routine can help you cut through the mess. Wiggins Shredding sets up routine shredding services based on weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly schedules, relying only on drivers who are promptly on time, every time, helping your operation become more organized with shredding services you can depend on.


Is your office or facility looking for a routine shredding service to take care of your data and document destruction? If you’re seeking commercial document shredding in West Chester, PA, NJ, contact Wiggins Shredding today at 610-692-TEAR (8327).

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