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3 Reasons Why Schools Should Be Shredding Their Documents

Frequently, when we think of institutions that could benefit from shredding their old documents and forms, we think of banks, medical centers, and large corporate offices. However, there are also many schools that would do well to consider the myriad benefits of shredding and recycling their unused paper documents. This scenario doesn’t only apply to colleges and universities, either. Even small public schools could reap a number of advantages by periodically shredding their documents through our team here at Wiggins Shredding.

We’ve taken the liberty of listing some of these benefits that schools can glean by ditching their unneeded paper stacks.

  1. Free Up Some Space

Often, colleges and public schools alike find themselves short on space due to collecting and retaining huge numbers of documents that are, frequently, no longer needed. This is especially true of school offices, where you can find storage rooms that are quickly running out of space entirely. Emptying out those storage rooms may do your school some good.

  1. Avoid Storage Fees

If your learning institution’s grounds have already run out of space, then you may be paying a monthly fee to store all of your documents elsewhere. In such a scenario, you could certainly save a bundle of money by doing away with the storage facility and shredding the papers.

  1. Keep Private Information Private

Old school records can contain loads of private and sensitive information on both students and staff, such as their addresses, Social Security Numbers, and other private account information. Destroying these documents may be your wisest choice, so they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Plus, letting families know that you care about protecting their private information can be a great way of building rapport with your the local community.

Wiggins Shredding specializes in disposing of sensitive information on a daily basis and knows how important it is to have a paper-shredding source that is efficient, reliable, and professional. For more information about the services our team here at Wiggins Shredding has to offer your business or community, please contact us online or dial 610-692-TEAR (8327) to request an estimate today!

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